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You are Invited!

Whoever you are, wherever you have been you are welcome here.

St. Mark's Episcopal Church is a community of faith that comes together to celebrate and manifest Christ - anyone looking to learn more or to share His Word is specially invited to be part of our community. 

Please let us know your information - we'd love to connect further. Fill out the form below and come rejoice in Jesus Christ.


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What to Expect:

In the Anglican tradition, services follow fixed forms of words and actions established in the Book of Common Prayer, which allows everyone to take part in the service. Our services include the typical elements one would expect to find in a Christian worship service: congregational singing, a sermon, and prayers. In addition to these,  every Sunday we celebrate the sacramental memorial of Christ’s saving sacrifice, the  Eucharist or Holy Communion. We invite all persons baptized in the name of the Trinity to receive from the Lord and regardless of denomination, age, or church attendance record.

Another thing that you might notice about Anglican worship is that it includes a lot of movement. During the service, you might see people around you standing, sitting,  kneeling, making the sign of the cross, genuflecting, and bowing, at different points in the service. These things reflect the bodily and soulful nature of worship. There will also be times during the service where the congregation recites prayers and creeds together. If  you are new to a tradition of formal worship, we encourage you to participate without any  concern for “doing things correctly.” Honestly, we are just so glad that you are with us and we want your visit to be comfortable so that you may fully experience God’s presence through worship and fellowship, whether you are just visiting or looking for a  church to make your home. Please let us know how we might make your visit to our church a welcome and comfortable one.  

We look forward to worshipping with you!  

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