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Clergy & Vestry

Rev. Cynthia Moore

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Rev. Ethel Channon, 
Assisting Priest

I have been engaged in ministry in Northeast Texas since I first came to St. Mark's in August 2003 as part of my discernment to the diaconate. I have been involved in various outreach projects in Mt. Pleasant since 2003, such as prison ministry and extending our worshipping community to include our Hispanic neighbors.


As a deacon, I spent 33-1/2 years in newsrooms as a reporter and editor.

I live in Mount Pleasant and am looking forward to some travel in retirement and settling in more in the house.

Joe Henry-Sr. Warden, Pat Wright-Jr. Warden, Susana Williams,
Mario Aguilar, Sr., Mary Kirby, Lillie Bush - Clerk, David Wall-Treasurer

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